Directions for Setting Up an Eco League Exchange

Step 1: Research Eco League opportunities

Is an Eco League exchange a good fit for you? When and where would you go? What courses would you want to take? 

Check out each school’s course offerings by following the directions on the sheet “Navigating to Catalogs and Listings

Step 2: Meet with Your Advisor

Your advisor can help you plan your academic requirements and timeline. He/she can also help you research course options. 

Step 3: Obtain Approval from Host College

Meet with your Registrar to learn how you get approved for an Eco League exchange. 

Step 4: Eco League Paperwork

1) Check registration dates for the host college so you can be sure to register for the posted registration dates.

2) Meet with your Eco League faculty representative at your home college. He/she will help walk you through the paperwork.

3) Checklist - details all the steps needed to successfully set up your Eco League exchange. Use the checklist to guide your process.

4) Course Registration Form - Obtain form from EcoLeague Coordinator. Research course opportunities and fill in your first and second course choices. 

5) Procure copy of your unofficial transcript

6) Procure copy of your medical form and immunizations

7) Procure copy of your insurance form (if you don’t want to participate in the host college’s insurance program)

Step 5: Submit Eco League Paperwork to [email protected].

Step 6: After Paperwork

Housing - Arrange Room & Board at the Host school. More information can be found on the ‘Housing at Eco League Schools page.’

Health Insurance Waiver - You may need to opt out of the Host school’s health insurance. Follow instructions on the host college’s invoice.

Step 7: Survey

Upon completing your exchange, we want to hear about your experience! Please fill out this survey and submit it to [email protected]